Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Ahh.... All those PST's on my network are killing me. I wish I could capture them all and import them... (hint: The Exchange Team has heard your cries and will have something for you soon)

Exchange Team Blog - Coming Soon: PST Capture Tool

"As we like to say here on EHLO, we’re always listening for feedback on what we're doing well and what we could be doing better for you. As more and more of you evaluate and deploy the email archiving, retention and discovery capabilities of Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Online, we understand that Personal Folders (.pst files) remain a challenge for you. You have told us that having the ability to search your network to discover and then import .pst files across your environment is critical, and that you need an admin-driven and straightforward tool for doing these things.

We're excited to announce that later this year we'll be adding a new tool to our already rich portfolio of planning and deployment tools. This new tool, PST Capture, will be downloadable and free, and will enable you to discover .pst files on your network and then import them into both Exchange Online (in Office 365) and Exchange Server 2010 on-premises. PST Capture will be available later this year. It doesn’t replace the New-MailboxImportRequest cmdlet that exists already for importing known .pst files into Exchange Server, but instead works in parallel to enable you to embark on a systematic search and destroy mission to rid yourself of the dreaded .pst scourge <*pirate growl*>.

We'll make more details available as we approach the release of the tool, but given the high demand for this capability, we wanted to let you know that we are working on this for you. ..."[GD: Post leach level - 98%]

This of course assumes your company doesn't have such caps on your mailbox size that forces you to keep local PST's... (sigh). Still, if you need something like this I'm sure, this will come in handy...


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