Monday, July 11, 2011

LINQ to Twitter to NuGet

Joe Mayo - Creating a NuGet Package for LINQ to Twitter

“Giovanni Bassi published the original NuGet package for LINQ to Twitter (L2T), which I'm appreciative of. Since then, I have yet to do a release myself, but that is changing now. The current version of LINQ to Twitter is stable enough for a release, so the time is right. I think there are a few aspects of a LINQ to Twitter NuGet package that aren't as simple as point at a project and your done, so I'll document my process here in case anyone else is interested.

Getting Started

I had played around with NuGet during one of it's earliest releases, building a package and setting up a personal test server, so I was familiar enough to know where to start. The project has pretty decent documentation, which is where I started. Visiting the site and clicking on documentation brought me to Nice layout, I clicked on Creating and Publishing a Package, under the Creating Packages section.

image …”

I dig these kinds of real life stories. Joe, who’s been working on his LINQ to Twitter for forever (well since 2008), shares the story of how he created a NuGet package for the library, the good, the bad (i.e. issues he ran into and how he solved them) and what he was thinking throughout the process…


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