Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Man's DIY E-Book Release Checklist

The Deviations Journey - My DIY Checklist for E-Book Release

"This Saturday I'll join Lakisha Spletzer for a self-publishing workshop at the Lakes Region Library in Inverness, FL. E-books are among the topics we'll discuss.

Now that the full Deviations Series has gone live (my Deviations site is over bandwidth until August 1; alternate download sites here), here's a geeky entry based on my release checklist. Best viewed if you're interested in the mechanics of e-book creation or in my process (which is admittedly idiosyncratic), or you have a pathological love of detail.

Step 1. Baseline: manuscript in MS Word.



Some day [over the rainbow] I 'd like to author an ebook of some kind. Maybe fiction (I've got a number of story idea's, just need to flippen knuckle down and write...) or maybe something technical, or even blogging related. Not sure, but something...

Also given how often I blog about other's ebooks, when I saw this, I though it a great share. And it's just kind of cool to see behind the scenes of how a real author gets his ebook work done and out.

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