Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This is my Favorite… VS 2010 Favorites Menu Extension

Visual Studio Gallery - Favorite Documents

“The free Favorite Documents extension lets you create links to frequently used code files and then quickly open them as a group or individually from the Favorites menu in Visual Studio 2010:


Favorite links are separate for each of your solutions and stored next to the solution file.


Sergey Vlasov Studio - Favorite Documents


I both like and dislike that the favorites are stored with the Solution. There’s some files that I seem to need all the time, while in a number of different solutions. Yet given this is a V1, I think he took the right initial approach… I’m thinking a merged, both machine and solution, would make this uberkiller, but even as is I think it’s pretty cool and something I can use.  :)

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Ryan O said...

Although not quite the same thing, I've found no faster way to open documents than with ReSharper's find type feature. It even has camel case searching. For example, to open IPageView.cs you'd just have to type control + T, IPV, enter.