Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stephen Toub says, "I've got your Samples for Parallel Programming with the .NET... right here..."

Microsoft Developer Network - Samples for Parallel Programming with the .NET Framework

"The .NET Framework 4 includes significant advancements for developers writing parallel and concurrent applications, including Parallel LINQ (PLINQ), the Task Parallel Library (TPL), new thread-safe collections, and a variety of new coordination and synchronization data structures.

This sample includes example applications and library functionality that demonstrate, utilize, and augment this support (it is not production quality). This sample is a single .zip containing a single Visual Studio .sln file, which then contains multiple Visual Studio projects that highlight key capabilities provided by the .NET Framework 4 and the parallel programming support it provides. Below are descriptions of the included examples.

(For discussions of Parallel Extensions and/or these samples, visit the forums at For documentation on the parallelism constructs in .NET 4, see For information direct from the Parallel Extensions team, subscribe to the team blog at For videos/articles on parallelism and Parallel Extensions, visit the Parallel Computing Developer Center at


Looks like these are the samples we've seen before BUT there are some great samples here so a reminder doesn't hurt...


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