Thursday, August 18, 2011

Adding translation to your apps is a dot away with the "Bing Translator .NET Extension Methods" open source project

Microsoft Feed - Announcing Bing Translator .NET Extension Methods – An Open Source Project

Note: This is a guest post by Mohamed Saleh. He has been awarded four times as a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft SharePoint Server for his contribution to the technical communities in the Arabic region. He is currently working as a Principal Consultant at Masader Technologies in Amman, Jordan.

Recently, I released an open-source Bing Translator .NET Extension Methods project in CodePlex under the MIT License (MIT). Both Binary runtime files and the source code file can be downloaded from here.

The idea came when I found out that Google is shutting down it’s Translation API. There is no real answer from Google to why it’s “Deprecating” it’s Translation API, but anyway, looks like Google is in love with it’s deprecation policy. I believe developer community is loosing faith in Google. An example is a comment by Vienna consultant Franz Enzenholder: “Why should any developer, any company which wants to build a valuable product for the long term use any of your APIs ever again?”


Well, the main goal of this project is to provide an easier developer experience on consuming Bing Translator APIs by providing the following:

  • Reducing the parameters number by providing the Bing Application ID just for one time during the development.
  • Providing more language integrated methods that cut the efforts and learning curve of using the APIs through .NET Extension Methods feature.

These objectives are achieved by depending on the .NET Extension Methods feature while designing the Bing Translator APIs Wrapper.



This looks like a cool and simple means to add bing translation features to your app.

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