Monday, August 22, 2011

Coding Naked (err... I mean live video/screen casting of you coding) with (Coming soon...)

KickoffLabs Blog - wants to broadcast your code

"We are working to bring live streamed coding sessions to the web. There are a lot of great screencasting sites that demonstrate various technologies for software developers. Here at, our goal is to focus on more raw, live coding events where folks can come and watch developers write code and teach in real-time. Whether it’s a developer casting code from their home, a presenter streaming their desktop from a local user group, two competitors battling it out in a live coding competition or a craftsman performing his Kata for all to see, we hope to bring it all to you, live on the web. We even have some other ideas in the works that we hope will take online teaching and support to a whole new level!

We will also have a library of on-demand screencasts, containing archives of our live events as well as some rehearsed and edited screencasts on a number of technologies and coding techniques.



"Do you like watching other people code?

Do you prefer live coding presentations over slide-filled talks with canned code snippets? Are screencasts a primary way you like to learn about new software development technologies? If so, I am working on a new online experience for you!

My goal is to bring live coding and screencasting to the web (<insert "to the Cloud(TM)!" joke here>). I believe that much can be learned by watching other developers work in their own environment and using their own tools to demonstrate some of their favorite libraries, frameworks and techniques for building software.


Interesting... Signed up to be notified when it goes live... :)

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