Friday, August 19, 2011

Corralling your icons with Fences for your Windows Desktop (or the Son of ProgMan? )

Windows 7 Hacker - Organizing Your Windows 7 Desktop Has Never Been Easier with Fences

"Fences, is a freeware desktop tweaking tool that primary helps you to organize your desktop’s folder and icon into groups. You can easily re-arrange your desktop’s appearance, with Fences by simply drag and drop your icons and folders into “fences”.

If a picture worth a thousands words, then a video would worth thousands pictures. (See action in video below)





Stardock - Fences


I had to laugh... Not so show my age or anything but that last image from the top post, "Final Look," so totally reminded me of ProgMan (aka Windows 3.x Program Manager). Ah, those were the days... :/


Personally I'm a "clean desktop" guy, but I know many who are not (and those of you who "draw pictures" with the icons on your Windows Desktop... well... get a life? :O  JK :) this might come in handy for you. And the for personal use the price is right. Finally if you're going to go with a "desktop" utility company, it's hard to beat Stardock...

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