Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Git on-ramp for .Net Devs

Code Inside - Entrance into Git for .NET Developer

"If you want to be hip at the Source Control administration you have to take a look on Git or other peripheral Source Code administrations. Git is the most celebrated agent. That the subject DVCS (peripheral version administration) will be Mainstream in the world of .NET world is a fact since the comment of Brain Harry to the next TFS (responsible for the TFS at the Microsoft Corp.):

“I’m certain that about this time, I bunch of people are asking “but, did you implement DVCS”. The answer is no, not yet. You still can’t checkin while you are offline. And you can’t do history or branch merges, etc. Certain operations do still require you to be online. You won’t get big long hangs – but rather nice error messages that tell you you need to be online. DVCS is definitely in our future and this is a step in that direction but there’s another step yet to take.”

For this blogpost it is important, that I only started working with Git so it’s possible that some facts aren’t true. But of course you are welcome to adjust me in the comments below. If you need some more help than take a look at the help side of GitHub.

So let’s have a start….


One of these days I really need to get around to Git... DVSC seems to be a strong contender for the future main stream direction version control, with even reportedly, TFS.Next getting some DVCS like features. hum...

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James Craig said...

You may want to look into Mercury instead of Git just because you can actually get it to work with both Hg and Git repositories. Although it does take a bit to set up for that.