Friday, August 26, 2011

TWC9 (This Week on Channel 9) and me...

This Week On Channel 9 - TWC9: August 26th 2011


Hey, that's me! :)

Starting with last weeks show, TWC9- August 19 2011, for the next few shows I'm helping the TWC9 team produce the show. I'm helping with the stories, the deck and the show notes. This week was the first where the stars aligned and I was able to execute on all three. Look Mom, that's me on the TWC9 show author listing! :)

I've been a guest co-host once, This Week C9 at TechEd 2009 with Jeff Hadfield and Greg Duncan, but now I'm seeing some of the behind the scenes work that's involved. It's harder than it looks. Considering they all have "day jobs," my respect for the TWC9 and Channel 9 teams has gone up a couple notches (now at 11.5 :)

This is now my third C9 thing. I'm currently helping out with the Coding4Fun blog, the Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery and now, for a little while, TWC9. A shout-out and thanks to everyone involved (Clint, Dan, Brian, Nic) for these opportunities... Thanks guys, I really do appreciate it.


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