Monday, August 01, 2011

Veracity, do we need another DVCS? (Hint "Yes, because there's still room for innovation for the 3G VCS's...")

Eric Sync - Why Another DVCS?

"The first reaction from many folks when they see Veracity is to ask us why we built another DVCS. Having responded to this question many times now, I have finally learned that it is actually two different questions.

Some folks are trying to ask the following question:

How is Veracity different from Git?

The chart on the front page of contains some answers.

However, other folks are trying to ask this question:

Eric, you clueless idiot, what recreational pharmaceutical were you smoking when you decided to build yet another DVCS that has no chance of survival because Git has won and all other tools will eventually be crushed under the weight of the awesomeness of Torvalds and his disciples?

This question requires a somewhat different answer.



Oh geez. That picture turned out to be somewhat ruder than I intended it. Let me clarify a thing or two:

  • I mean no criticism here of Git. It's an outstanding piece of software in many ways.
  • Any criticism of Git's fans or users is intended to be constructive, accompanied with much brotherly love and support.

Seriously, Git fans, you and I are on the same team here. We're DVCS fans.

But, well, sometimes when I meet some of the more evangelistic Git fans, I just want to tell them to get out more. See a broader perspective.


That Venn diagram made me snort laugh and had all the animals looking at me funny (which is a fairly usual occurrence, but that's beside the point). PLEASE understand that it's a joke, to get a laugh, make a point and maybe snap you out of your "Case of the Monday's..." (I know that that is apparent given how over the top it is, but you never know).

I think DVCS's are an interesting idea and am keeping an eye on them and their progress...


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