Wednesday, September 07, 2011

I'm not too old to have a Piñata at my next birthday.. am I? I wanna Death Star Piñata!

technabob - Death Star Piñata: Stay on Target! Stay on Target!

"Star Wars and piñatas – they go together like… um… Star Wars and piñatas. Despite the fact that there’s not that much in common between the two, I still love this Death Star piñata.


Naaaa! You're never to old to have a Death Star Piñata!

Wait to have a birthday party I'd need friends (What is a party with one person called? "Sad")... and to be social too. GRRR...

And all my kids are too old and no grandkids yet. Double GRRR!!!

Wait! I know!  A Thanksgiving Death Star Piñata! Or a Christmas Death Star Piñata! WAIT, WAIT,WAIT... A New Years Death Star Piñata! Drinking and a Death Star Piñata!... oh... um... wait... um... err... never mind... sigh...

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Serge said...

One's never too old to enjoy a pinata! You could host a private party with some close friends if you wish to have a great time smashing that pinata!