Thursday, September 29, 2011

Microsoft HealthVault SDK v2 released

Microsoft Downloads - HealthVault SDK

"Software Development Kit to assist in the development of HealthVault compatible applications

Date Published: 9/29/2011

Language: English

File Name: HealthVaultSDK.exe, 13.0 MB

The HealthVault SDK contains:

  • .net assemblies for interacting with the HealthVault platform
  • sample applications that you can run from your development machine
  • documentation including a CHM file and a Getting Started Guide
  • Application Manager to create HealthVault applications and manager certificates.


HealthVault - HealthVault 1109 Release

"We are very pleased to introduce new features such as Emergency Preparedness, Alternate ID APIs, the Health Event Data type, and more.

Following are some of the features and improvements in this release :-

Emergency Preparedness

HealthVault has introduced a number of features centered around emergency preparedness scenarios.

1. Emergency Prep Signup Flow: ...

2. Emergency Profile:  ...

3. Wallet Cards & Profile Sheets: ...

4. Sharing: ...

5. Emergency Access Codes: ...

Alternate ID APIs

For current versions of HealthVault, offline applications must store the correspondence between the application’s concept of a user identity (typically some sort of id) and the HealthVault identity of a user (person id and record id). In many cases this is straightforward but some applications may not have a convenient place to store this information. Alternate ID support provides a way for applications to store this correlation in HealthVault.


HealthVault Data Type Updates

We are releasing the following data type updates --

New type – Health Events

A number of partner scenarios from tracking the developmental stages of a baby to managing stages of a surgery rehabilitation, have warranted our creation of a type which stores an occurrence of a Health event in a consumers life. You can read details of this type on the HealthVault data type blog, and understand the elements using the HealthVault type explorer.

Updated type – Medical Image Study

The HealthVault Medical Image Study data type enables our customers to store medical image studies in HealthVault.  ...


For some weird reason I find myself interested in HealthVault. Not sure why. I'm not, nor ever have been, in the medical or related industry nor involved in this project in any way. Still I feel myself kind of drawn to it. Maybe it's the geek in me that rebels at all the paper and manual information transfer (and faxes... really, faxes?) that I see at my Doctor's office. There has to be a better way and maybe I see this as one part of that...

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