Thursday, September 01, 2011

"Intro to NoSQL" or "Noodling NoSQL" or "No NoSQL? Now know NoSQL...")

FRD - Intro to NoSQL


A Brief Overview:

Databases have been a major part of software since the earliest days of computing. Hence, it didn’t take long for Database Management Systems (DBMSes) to be developed and quickly become a staple in software development. Their history can be traced back to the 1960′s, but most of the DBMSes still in use today trace their origins to Relational DBMSes (RDBMSes) originally developed in the 1970′s.
However, there is a new group of DBMSes that have gained support and relevance in the last few years, all sharing certain characteristics and collectively known as NoSQL DBMSes.

The term “NoSQL” was originally used in 1998 to describe a new lightweight open-source relational DBMS that did not expose an SQL interface. The name was then reprised and used 10 years later by Eric Evans (of Rackspace) and Johan Oskarsson (of for the NoSQL meetup/conference focusing on the topic of “open-source, distributed, non relational databases“.
Clearly the name NoSQL had grown past its initial meaning (note how the original NoSQL DBMS is indeed a relational system).



Any blog post that begins with a picture like that deserves a second look... :P


You'd have to be living under a rock (not that there's anything wrong with that) to not have at least heard the term, "NoSQL." But you might be in the boat (cough... with me... cough) wondering what it "is.". I mean I know, or can pretend to, what it means and implies, but my knowledge lacks depth (cough... to say the least... cough) (cough... I really have to have this cough looked at... cough)

I dug the way this article presented NoSQL, that it did so where I learned some intelligent sounding words, while not hurting my brain too much and all the while learning about NoSQL too.

(via Jason Haley - Interesting Finds: September 1, 2011 )

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