Tuesday, October 04, 2011

"The Developer’s Guide to AppFabric" Free eBook (CTP)

The Developers Guide to AppFabric

"“The Developer’s Guide to AppFabric” is a free e-book for developers who are exploring and leveraging the capabilities of the Azure AppFabric platform.

The goal is to create a resource that will evolve and mature in parallel with the Azure AppFabric technologies. The use of an electronic format will allow sections to be added as new technologies are released and improved as the knowledge and experience of using the technologies grows within the developer community.

The first version, published on the 3th October 2011, marks seven years to the day since the first version of “The Blogger’s Guide to BizTalk” was published.

The first section will provide an introduction to the brokered messaging capabilities available in the Azure AppFabric September 2011 release. The next section will go into a lot more depth and explore the brokered messaging feature set. Future sections will cover the Access Control Service, relayed messaging, and cache. Features like the application model and integration services will be covered as they emerge and are released.



I haven't seen many free ebooks on AppFabric, so wanted to share this...

Here's my usual snip of the PDF and page thumbnails;


(via Daniel's Azure South-East Asia blog - Preview version of “The Developers Guide to AppFabric” by Alan Smith -> CloudCasts BlogCTP Version of The Developers Guide to AppFabric)

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