Thursday, October 06, 2011

Microsoft Downloads gets official RSS feeds...

I've been using an unofficial (i.e. community provided) feed for Microsoft Downloads for years now (via ThunderMain -> A Feed You Should Read #17 – Microsoft Download Center) and always thought it a little lame that there wasn't an official feed source.

Then I saw this today...


What? Can it be?


And not only a feed, but one where you can get filtered results based on your interests too!

Microsoft Download Center - Select your RSS feeds

"By subscribing to the Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed from the Microsoft Download Center, you can have a list of new downloads and updates delivered to you in an RSS reader or aggregator. With an RSS feed, you can quickly browse a list of downloads without searching the Microsoft Download Center.



Better late than never I guess.

There's those that say RSS/Web Feeds are dead, but I think they are just hibernating and we may yet see a resurgence (At least I hope they are not dead as my whole news stream life is based on feeds... lol :)

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Adwait said...

Now only if MSDN would create language specific feeds for ...