Tuesday, October 04, 2011

TFSSCExplorerExtension for VS10 and 11 - Think "TFS Source Control Explorer Window Features++" or "zomg drag and drop in TFS Source Control Explorer Window!"

Visual Studio Gallery - TFSSCExplorerExtension (VS 2010), VS2011 DP version

"TFSSCExplorerExtension (Team Foundation Server Source Control Explorer VS 2010 Extension) is Visual Studio 2010 Extension Package that adds new features to the TFS Source Control Explorer window. Most important new features are Drag & Drop support, Move and Branch functions even for multiple files selection and Merge from Sources feature.


October 2011 Update (New)

  • Released separate version for Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview.
  • New feature Undo changes to unchanged files in Pending Changes window toolbar.
  • Icon change function is now applied also on items in Branched folders.
  • Added disabling Branch command if file is new or deleted.
  • Added disabling Destroy command if file is new, move or branch pending.
  • Fixed BUG in File move function.

August 2011 Update

  • Enable Files icon change function now change icons also for Branched folders. Icon is changed in file list and in Folder Tree view of Source Control Explorer too.
  • Fixed BUG with DoubleClick on the file list of Source Control Explorer.
  • Fixed Exceptions and errors handling
  • Show Deleted items and Destroy menu commands option is now splited into two separated options:Enable Show deleted items menu command and Enable Destroy menu command
  • Added license file
  • Changed Drag Drop context menu to Visual Studio context menu



This awesome extension gets not only more new features but a VS11 DP version too!  :)


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