Monday, November 14, 2011

From TFS to Word and back again... AIT WordToTFS 2010 (Reg-ware)

TFS & Visual Studio ALM - Exporting TFS Work Items to Microsoft Word (via WordToTFS)


AIT WordToTFS 2010 v2.1

Please click here for a short description of how the plug-in works. You can also watch our product movies (box on right-hand side).

What's new:

With the new version of WordToTFS 2010 users will be able to handle all Work Item types using Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010. Furthermore the new version allows to delete all Work Item IDs via a single mouse click in order to synchronize the document with different Team Projects.

With the latest version Work Items can be updated inside the Word document or exported from TFS into the document. Additionally area and iteration path values can be used in Word.

Feature Overview:

  • Import Work Items out of Word documents into TFS
  • Automatically keep links between imported TFS Work Items and the Word document
  • Use Parent-Child-Links in Word documents
  • Add images to your rich-text fields
  • Republish a document to other team projects (reuse requirements)
  • Export and refresh Work Items in Word documents from TFS
  • Set user defined default values for new Work Items
  • Use Area and Iteration path
  • Configure a template for customized Process Templates


Sometimes you just need a pretty version of your Work Item queries, one that you can easily mail around (and or print, etc) and this looks like a cool tool to do just that. It's funny, when I saw this I thought, "Does something like this already come in the Team Explorer box now?" Nope. Excel and Outlook, but not Word...


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