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RiSE4Fun - Microsoft Research, Research in Software Engineering, "Fun" Dev, via web, site

RiSE4fun - About

"RiSE4fun showcases projects from various groups at Microsoft Research. See how RiSE projects interact together.

About RiSE The Research in Software Engineering team (RiSE) coordinates Microsoft's Research in Software Engineering in Redmond, USA. Our mission is to advance the state of the art in Software Engineering, to bring those advances to Microsoft’s business, and to take care of those SE technologies that are critical to the company, but not inherently linked to particular products.

About PPT The Programming Principles and Tools group devises formal techniques and models for understanding programs, programming abstractions and languages, and develops related implementation technology.

About RSE The Rigorous Software Engineering studies software engineering issues in developing large scale software systems. We work on tools, languages and methodologies to dramatically increase the productivity of software development. We are interested in both analysis tools for existing software, as well as in asking questions about how software of the future should be designed.


REST Services Tools can also be accessed and executed through the RiSE4fun REST services. The services API is available here.

Hosting RiSE4fun in your page RiSE4fun can be hosted in your own pages using an iframe and adding frame=1 to the url. Adding menu=0 will also hide the list of tools so that you can point directly at a sample. Adding ask=1 will trigger the 'ask' button automatically




I'm not really sure what to make of this site, but it's just too cool, interesting and "out there" to not mention it.

And the fact that you can call this via REST and/or host it via an IFrame is just cool.

But I think the pure geekness of the how they answer the "projects" question rocks. Very meta... :)



digraph RiSE
  Agl [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Bek [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Boogie [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  CodeContractsVerifier [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  ConcurrentRevisions [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Dafny [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Dkal [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  F* [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Formula [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  HeapDbg [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Pex [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Poirot [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Rex [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  SLayer [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  SpecSharp [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Vcc [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]
  Z3 [fillcolor=gray, fontcolor=white, color=gray]

  DGML -> Agl;
  Rex -> Agl;
  Rex -> Automata;
  Bek -> Automata;
  Bek -> DGML;
  Automata -> Z3;
  Boogie -> Z3;
  Boogie -> CCI;
  Dafny -> Boogie;
  Chalice -> Boogie;
  Vcc -> Boogie;
  Vcc -> CCI;
  CodeContracts -> CCI;
  CodeContractsVerifier -> CCI;
  CodeContractsVerifier -> CodeContracts;
  HeapDbg -> CCI;
  HeapDbg -> Agl;
  Pex -> Z3;
  Pex -> ER;
  Pex -> Moles;
  Pex -> Rex;
  Moles -> ER;
  CHESS -> ER;
  Cuzz -> CAP;
  ConcurrentRevisions -> CCI;
  F* -> Z3;
  SymDiff -> Boogie
  SymDiff -> Havoc
  SLAM -> Z3;
  Poirot -> Boogie;
  Poirot -> Havoc;
  Havoc -> Boogie
  LineUp -> CHESS
  RaceKit -> ER
  SpecSharp -> Boogie
  SpecSharp -> CCI
  Formula -> Z3
  Formula -> Agl
  SLayer -> Z3;


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