Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Windows Phone 7 Coding Dojo video... A 66 minute journey to a LOB WP7 app - Windows Phone 7 Coding Dojo

"Here is a video showing how to create a simple but useful Windows Phone 7 application. This application allow Devoteam Luxembourg’s consultant to add and follow their time off requests.

This application use web services based on Object Client for SharePoint. We will only see the Blend 4 part and the Visual Studio for windows phone development.

I only use MVVM Light (as usual :p) as external framework. I have already done the link between the “enum application state” and the “data state mechanism” (see previous coding dojo for more details). I have set up MVVM Light with NuGet :) (see details on NuGet)

The first video show how you can set up the project and create quick content (approx 1h). The second video show the capability of the application, on normal usage.


It's not often we see a LOB app demo'ed when building WP7 apps. Games and fun stuff, all the time, but LOB app building demos seem a rarer bird...

(via Windows Phone Geek - Video Tutorial Windows Phone 7 Coding Dojo app)

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