Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Paul talks about the other Windows 8, Windows Server 8...

Paul Thurrott's Supersite for Windows - Windows Server "8" Preview (Unedited, Complete Version)

"In September, I wrote a lengthy preview of Windows Server 8 for the November 2011 issue of Windows IT Pro Magazine. That article had to be cut down for space considerations and because some of the material overlapped with other Windows Server 8 content in the same issue. Here for the first time is my full Windows Server 8 preview, in unedited form.

Windows Server "8" Preview

While the press is swooning over Windows 8 and its user experience advances for tablets and other personal computing devices, Microsoft has been quietly revving up the next version of Windows Server as well. And while Windows 8 is absolutely a major update for client desktops, Windows Server "8"--I'll drop the quotes from here on out; Microsoft says it's just a codename--is a blockbuster, and even bigger upgrade than is its desktop cousin.

Case in point: While Microsoft was able to communicate to reviewers all of the major changes in Windows 8 in a single day-long workshop, Server 8 required two longer, more grueling days of technical information plus a half-day hands on lab. There's just a lot going on with this release, and not surprisingly I need help communicating it all. So there are companion articles from Sean Deuby, Jeff James, and Mike Otey that cover the Active Directory, storage, and virtualization advances in this release, respectively, in more detail.



Frankly Windows Server 8 might be more important, provide more innovation and "cool" than Windows 8 itself. This is the next jump for the Windows Server family and it's an Olympic High Jump kind of jump. Paul's article is a great place to see just how high of a jump it is going to be...


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