Friday, December 30, 2011

[Floppy Drive Music Hack] Christmas music presented by the 8 Floppy Drive Orchestra

Hack a Day - A Floppy Drive Orchestra

"With 8 drives working in concert, this “floppy drive array orchestra” takes drive music to a whole new level! As if that wasn’t enough, [SileNT] decided to use the16x64 LED array that he’s been working on in concert with the drives.

For those that remember, we’ve actually featured [SileNT], AKA [Pawel]‘s, work before, where we were impressed that he was able to play the Imperial March from Star Wars on 2 floppy drives. He’s planning more information about his floppy drive music making in the future and maybe even instructions on building your own personal disk drive orchestra. Apparently [SileNT] has an abundant supply of 3 1/2 inch drives, so maybe even this feat can be topped…


That's pretty sick (cool as heck, but still sick... LOL)


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