Thursday, December 29, 2011

From the All-in-One Framework team comes the Story Creator Sample Application for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Azure - MSDN Code Gallery - Story Creator Sample Application for Windows Phone 7 (CSWP7AzureVideoStory)


This sample solution is a story creator for Windows Phone 7. You can use it to create photo stories on your phone, and send the stories to a Windows Azure service to encode them into videos. The Windows Azure Service includes a REST service built with WCF Web API, a simple HTML5 browser client that allows you to see encoded videos, and a native component encodes videos using WIC and Media Foundation.

While individual pieces of technologies are very interesting, the true power comes when the platforms are combined. We know most developers need to work with the combined platform rather than individual technologies. So we hope this sample solution will be helpful to you.

Use the Application

When you launch the client application, on the first screen you’ll find 3 buttons. They allow you to create a new story, or working on an existing one.



Included in this sample is a good looking set of doc's too;


Something fun to play with for your holiday photo's... :)

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