Monday, December 05, 2011

From COM to Win8, one developers retrospective...

Li Xiong - Retrospect different Microsoft technologies from Win8

Learning how things work internally has always been my favorite. The first thing I did was to launch debugger when I got Win8 installed. Based on my research, Win8 is an amazing product. There are many old and new technologies involved in Win8. I’d like to use this blog to retrospect different Microsoft technologies.

Please note, the following analysis was based on Win8 CTP. I expect many changes when Win8 gets to RTM.

This above information is just my person opinions.

COM -Common Object Model

  • The threading model like STA/MTA/NTA is over complex
  • Lack of development tool support
  • The complexities were out of control when it expanded to DCOM, COM+, and DTC

.NET Framework/CLR




The interoperability of Microsoft products



It’s time to discuss why I feel so good about Win8.



Some of the stories and use cases made me chuckle a little (and cry a little on the inside This developer retrospective on MS Dev frameworks/platforms/etc was a nice look back and look forward. Sometimes its nice to take a look back at where we've come from and a little of the thinking behind our steps forward.

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