Thursday, December 08, 2011

NuGet Nuggets - Mister Goodcat's List of Little Know NuGet Features

Mister Goodcat - NuGet: little known features

"To me personally, NuGet is one of the greatest additions to a .NET developer's life during the last years. It's simple to use, makes your life easier, and simply works. I like how quickly it is adopted by customers, friends and public projects, and extensively used everywhere. However, I often see that people do not know about all the available features and sometimes even create custom solutions to problems that are already solved by built-in options. In this post, I randomly pick three features you should know about when you're working with NuGet, and create your own packages.

  • Package Restore
  • Create Your Own Feeds
  • Simplify and Automate Package Creation



Some of those NuGet features you might not know about, or have heard mentioned but no details...

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