Saturday, January 07, 2012

The officially easiest way to play with SQL Server 2012... The SQL Server Virtual Labs

SQL Server Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs enable you to quickly evaluate and test Microsoft's newest products and technologies through a series of guided, hands-on labs that you can complete in 90 minutes or less. There is no complex setup or installation required, and you can use Virtual Labs online immediately, free.


Here's a snap of Lab "SQL Server 2012 - What's new in Manageability (SQL 147)

In this hands-on-lab you will learn about new manageability features in SQL Server 2012. You will learn how to take advantage of new features in SQL Server Management Tools, PowerShell, and features that will increase your productivity.

It's really kind of cool, you get three machines, a Domain Controller and two SQL boxes


(Note I had to change the resolution to 800x600 so I could see it on my notebook...Also note that that at the time of my writing this, the HOL guide/document is still a placeholder)


Getting these three machines to play with, all setup and configured literally only took me less than 2 minutes. Sure at the end of the lab it goes away, but if you just want to play with SQL Server 2012 a little, to kick its tires and check out some of its cool new features, there's really no easier or cheaper way to do it...

(via SQL BI - SQL Server 2012 Virtual Labs)


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