Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Onetastic way to crop images in OneNote...


"Have you ever clipped something from the web or pasted some image in OneNote and realized that it is not quite right? Word, PowerPoint and even Excel enjoys rich picture formatting features, while OneNote is about quickly capturing information and not much about fine detailed presentation of it. Still it wouldn't hurt to be able to crop an image you just captured to reduce the clutter and unwanted content.

Well, Onetastic now supports a new context menu item for images: Crop. Just right click on an image and select Crop at the bottom and you will be able to cut it the way you want.



Onetastic  - What is Onetastic?

"Onetastic is an add-in for Microsoft OneNote. It provides additional functionality that is commonly requested. I am developing it at my free time as a hobby. I love OneNote and I work as a developer at Microsoft OneNote team. Although OneNote is fantastic software, we cannot include every piece of functionality in it. In some sense, Onetastic is a way for me to prototype and play with the things that are possible with OneNote. So enjoy additional features and if you want to provide feedback, scroll to the bottom for the comment form or visit the contact page and drop me an e-mail. Check out FAQ page for some troubleshooting help.


Onetastic currently has the following features:
  • Rotate/flip printout pages

    When you print a document to OneNote, sometimes one of the pages needs to be in landscape orientation or you may have forgotten to select "Landscape" for the whole document when to printing. OneNote has a rotate/flip option on images but the same feature was left out for printout pages. Install Onetastic and you can now right click any printout page and rotate or flip it.
  • Cleanup printout files

    When you delete a page of a multi-page printout, OneNote will display a message at the top of the page that reads: "One or more pages of the Printout below are hidden. To remove this message, delete all pages of the Printout below". This message tries to tell you that the file that backs the printout still contains the pages you deleted, so if you were to share the OneNote page with someone else, they can still extract those pages. However many users including me found the message confusing and there is no way to get rid of it even if you fully understand what it is trying to say. Onetastic provides a button on the ribbon to clean up the backing document for the printout by removing the pages you deleted from the file and remove the message.
  • OneCalendar

    OneCalendar is a standalone tool that provides a calendar view for OneNote. It displays the pages on the date you created or last modified them. Find more info on the OneCalendar page.


I'm starting to become a pretty heavy OneNote user (it's how I organize the posts/notes for the C4F blog, Kinect Gallery, TWC9, RadioTFS, family dates, house to-do's, etc., etc.) have have found many thing I love about it and a few holes. Like the image handling. While I don't currently include many images in my OneNote notebook, when I do I usually have to run them through a third party utility first, to trim/crop/etc. Looks like this extension might save me a couple steps... :)

(via OneNote Testing - Cropping screenshots in OneNote 2010)


Scoop0901 said...

Great tip, Greg! Thanks for the head's up on this gem! Got it installed in my 4.5gig collection of OneNote notebooks.

Scoop0901 said...

Great tip, Greg! Thanks for the head's up on this gem! Got it installed in my 4.5gig collection of OneNote notebooks.

Videos said...

I am trying to crop a screen print in One Note & see you have a way to do that. Would you be willing to share your great find? Thanks.

Greg Duncan said...

@Videos, Click through to the OneNote add-in (Onetastic), install it and you should be good to go...