Saturday, January 07, 2012

Windows Phone 7 Info Hub - All the phone info, one helpful hub [#wpdev]

Jerry Nixon @work - Mango Sample: Introducing the Info Hub


Seriously, for Windows Phone developers there’s a lot of information (about the device, OS , sensors, and more) – it is scattered all over the freaking place!

Developers need an Info Hub!

Introducing the Info Hub

This is awesome!

A Windows Phone Hub is where different things come together in a single, digestible location. The Info Hub is where developer info (across classes and namespaces) is brought together.

Yes, I wrote the Info Hub – this is NOT a Microsoft product. Lots of hard lessons, MSDN, Stack Overflow, and so much more get credit for the Info Hub. Today, I am giving Info Hub to you, yes you!

Why the Info Hub?

  • Which OS Version is running?
  • How much RAM your app is using?
  • Which physical Phone are you on?
  • Is the Gyro is supported?
  • Is WIFI connected?
  • Is the theme Light or Dark?

These are all available to developers. Everything. However, knowing them, getting to them, and parsing their result can be tricky.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single place to go for all this information? Now you see why Info Hub is handy.




This looks like an awesome class for getting WP7 system information. The source is shared "interestingly", via, Windows Phone Info Hub

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