Friday, February 17, 2012

Bing for Windows Phone gets better Vision and Newspaper/Magazine matching in March...

The Bing UK blog - Bing announces two exciting feature updates for Windows Phone

"Bing Vision – available today (17 February 2012)

As well as allowing users to detect product information from QR codes and Microsoft Tags, Bing Vision now scans barcodes, CD, DVD and book covers. Plus Bing Vision can now provide local availability and cost comparison information on goods so people can quickly purchase items of interest while on the go.

Bing Image Matching for Newspapers (rolling out in March on Bing Vision)

Enabling people to quickly find the digital version of a print magazine or newspaper article, Bing Image Matching for Newspapers allows users to take a photo of an article using their Windows Phone camera and link directly to a digital version of the article online.

Offering global access, consumers will have access to content from over 3,000 publications worldwide." [GD: Post Leached in Full]

That new Matching looks pretty cool. I can totally see how I would use something like that...

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