Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Making supermarket app mayhem possible with the Supermarket API

Supermarket API

Supermarket API is the First Robust Open Source API for the Grocery industry. See What it Can do >

The Problem

When we built AisleFinder we realized a couple of things:
1. Supermarket and Grocery product data is hard to Find , hard to Get and hard to Keep Updated.
2. Other people that want to start companies in the grocery space are not starting them because of the lack of a rich set of data to work with

The Solution

Knowing the weight of the problem, AisleFinder Labs Crafted Supermarket API.
Supermarket API is based on รข€˜s own technology that they use to power their mobile and web properties.
Supermarket API is the First Open Source API within the Grocery space . We provide the following features :
1. Aisle Information in over 2400 Supermarkets and shopping Centers including Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Safeway and Wal-Mart across the USA (Canada & Europe Soon)
2. Supermarket API provides product pictures, details and Information on over 150,000 grocery products


One Promise: There will always be a free version of Supermarket API available for people to use. Currently Supermarket API is in Public Beta, so that we can knock the bugs out and deliver the features that developers really want. Please Pardon our Dust


Supermarket API Methods


Saw this and thought it might be fun to play with. We're forever updating our Shopping List DocX (stored on SkyDrive of as our store moves stuff around ,because every shopping list has to be organized by each product's location in the store, right?

When I saw this I wondered if finally we could create an automated solution, whereas we could create an app that would automagically organize our list by isle, etc.

And while it does seem that this might work, our store, which is a major brand, isn't listed yet (nor is any in my city...) so it's hard for me to really prove this out. Still, I think this has some potential and I can see a number of cools apps this could make possible.

(via Teusje - Supermarket API)

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