Thursday, February 16, 2012

Preorder your Lego Minecraft Micro World today...

MazimumPC - Lego Minecraft Micro World Available For Preorder

"Can you tell we're pumped about Minecraft-themed Legos? We've been anxiously following their development, breathlessly reporting when the petition to create the set passed the needed 10,000 signature mark -- and when the project got the official green light. Lego and Mojang must be pumped about the Minecraft Micro World, too; in less than a month, the set has flown through the design process and is headed to the production line. In fact, Lego started selling preorders for the set yesterday.


J!NX : Minecraft LEGO Exclusive


I think I've one of 17 people in the state who hasn't played Minecraft... But now that there are Lego sets for it, that's just going to have to change! :|

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