Friday, February 24, 2012

Regions are not just for code anymore... XAML Regions

Visual Studio add-ins, extensions and tools - XAML Regions extension for Visual Studio 2010

"XAML Regions extension by Jacob Johnston helps you organize xaml code by grouping relevant elements and speeds up navigation by collapsing less important blocks of markup. You can create a region with two comment lines containing region/endregion keywords and then collapse and expand it as needed:


You can use any convention for the region keyword in a comment (region, Region, #Region), same with endregion (endregion, End Region, #EndRegion). The text after the region keyword forms visible region description.

The only suggestion I have for XAML Regions is to add a context menu command to the XAML editor to surround selection with a region (or add two commands to create and delete the region).


Visual Studio Gallery - XAML Regions

"Provides the ability to create regions in XAML code.


Updated in 0.4

  • Added the ability to have hash character prefixes (e.g., <!-- #Region -->)
  • Added the ability to have description text in the EndRegion area (e.g., <!-- End Region (Your Text) -->)

A small extension that adds the ability to define collapsable regions in XAML code. It recognizes region definitions that are defined inside of XML comments so that code designed using this extension will have no problems compiling in environments that do not have this extension.


This was released last year but I know how regions gets under some peoples skin, so I couldn't resist mentioning this (it's been that kind of week... sorry... lol ;)

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