Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two words to code by... IDEAL CHALK [a mnemonic for OOP]

CodeProject - IDEAL CHALK mnemonic acronym and mnemonic images for Object Oriented Principles



The objective of this article is to present mnemonic acronym, mnemonic images and tag lines for easy remembrance of Object Oriented Principles other than the SOLID object oriented principles.

The object oriented principles SOLID, introduced by Robert C Martin, are well known and easy to remember in the Acronym form SOLID. The easy remembrance of the principles will aid and prompt the programmer in application of those principles in programming. Apart from the SOLID principles there are several other principles which are also relevant in the Object Oriented programming. If these principles are put in an acronym form, the remembrance and application of these principles in the programming can be made easy to the programmers. After trying for some time I have created an acronym for these principles as shown below:






I saw this and thought it officially cool (I wish I was smart enough to come up with good acronyms...).

Make sure you scroll down to the bottom and catch the "conversation" too.

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