Saturday, February 11, 2012

Using the Windows System State Analyzer utility to compare before/after system snapshots (pre/post install/config/uninstall etc)

Ask the Performance Team - An Introduction to the Windows System State Analyzer

There often arises a need to figure out what may have changed on a system, either due to a specific issue or even to compare the difference between two systems. Today I would like to introduce you to the Windows System State Analyzer utility. Unless you are a developer or tester, you probably have never heard of this tool, as it is part of the Windows 2008 R2 Logo Software Certification and Windows 2008 R2 Logo Program Software Certification toolkits.

The basic functionality of the System State Analyzer tool is to allow you to compare two snapshots taken at different points in time. This allows you to compare the state of a machine both before and after an application install for instance. Today I will give you a run-through of what the tool looks like while doing a compare of a system both before and after installing a software package, in this case Virtual PC 2007. The initial UI will look something like this:


· Server Logo Program Software Certification Tool x86:

· Server Logo Program Software Certification Tool x64:

Note: You must have the .NET Framework 2.0 installed for Windows System State Analyzer to work correctly.



This is a utility I know I'm going to enjoy using... Why? Because I think it might finally help me see what's all (keyword) being done to my systems via Group Policy. Oh and snapshots pre/post install are cool too... And pre/post uninstall comparisons too. Oh and... and...

(via Blue Onion Software - Friday Links #189)

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Eduard said...

You can also use InstallRite or InstallWatch Pro, it works without .NET framework. seems to be dead, but you can google for the app ( have the same binaries I downloaded from the original site).