Thursday, March 01, 2012

Minestation - An open source Ardunio weather station for your Minecraft world

HackADay - Minestation – An external weather display for your Minecraft world

"If you’re a big Minecraft fan, the folks at [radikaldesign] have something that might be of interest to you. (Translation) Inspired by some of their Minecraft-loving friends, they have developed Minestation – a weather station for your Minecraft game.

The concept is simple. Here in the real world we have the ability to look out the window and see what it is like outside, but many of us turn to digital weather stations, the Weather Channel, or the local news to get the real scoop. They decided that the world of Minecraft should be no different, so they constructed an Arduino shield that allows players to see weather conditions as they play.


"We love to play Minecraft and we also love domestic weather stations. So, why don’t connect a weather station in order to display the weather from the Minecraft’s world that we’re currently playing? it sounds crazy but we think that it could be a really funny thing to be able to predict if it will rain, thundering or snow in advance while we’re exploring, building or caving in Minecraft. So, Minestation is this: a simple weather station that “predicts” the virtual weather from Minecraft. Also it shows a virtual clock, calendar and GPS, maybe interesting for those people who want to meet in a particular place at the same time.

Minestation is an open hardware project: it’s a handy shield that works right with your Arduino. It’s easy to build, play and hack with it (and we think it’s really cheap if you’re planning to buy it).




That's just all kinds of cool...

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