Monday, March 05, 2012

You know, you can also find me... Here's some other places where I'm putting my curating powers to work...

You all know that besides this blog, I'm also curating for a number of other sites too?

  • Channel 9 Coding4Fun Blog (RSS)
    • Post range from mobile, to hardware to fun stuff, but all include some kind of source.
    • Posts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6AM Pacific
  • Channel 9 Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery (RSS)
    • Posts are all Kinect and Kinect for Windows SDK related.
    • Post every weekday, at 6AM Pacific
  • Channel 9 This Week on Channel 9 (Post RSS, click through for all the other feed formats, audio, video, etc.)
    • Microsoft related development news, stories and links
    • I help with the story selection, the slide deck and the final show notes
    • Recorded once a week
  • OData Primer (RSS)
    • OData related items from my news stream
    • As I find them
  • RadioTFS Podcast (RSS, click through for iTunes, Zune audio links)
    • Microsoft related ALM/Visual Studio/TFS stories
    • Audio podcast where not only do I help select stories, but I'm also in-front of the Microphone too
    • Currently every other week

I think that's more than enough of me for just about anyone... LOL :P

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