Saturday, April 14, 2012

9 for 8... Official Channel 9 Videos Metro Style app now available for Windows 8

Microsoft UK Faculty Connection - Channel 9 Windows 8 Application

"... We are excited to announce that the team has just released a Channel 9 application in the Windows 8 App Store.

So Install the application today on the Windows 8 Consumer Preview and easily browse the latest content on Channel 9, share content with your friends and view content on any of your Play To Enabled devices.

To find the app, Search the Windows 8 App store for Channel 9."

Here's some snaps of the app. In the Store;



Screenshot (2)

Screenshot (7)Screenshot (3)Screenshot (4)

Screenshot (5)Screenshot (6)

And of course, TWC9 (where the new thumbnail show notes look pretty good! Like them?)


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