Thursday, April 19, 2012

PlayStationSuite Open Beta means seeing the Vita sharply, C#..

Forwards - Wow - PlayStationSuite Open Beta - C# on the PS Vita

"Someone tweeted about this -

So I downloaded it and had thirty minutes of playtime :)

Here's a video of my experience:


Developer Program for PlayStation®Suite (Open Beta)


Development Resources for "Open Beta"

1. PlayStation®Suite SDK 0.98

PS Suite SDK is a software package for developing applications that can be run on the PlayStation®Vita system and PlayStation™Certified devices.

PS Suite SDK includes PC applications such as PC Suite Studio, as well as PS Suite UI Composer for laying out UI components.

Further, in addition to basic graphic and sound libraries, PS Suite SDK also includes GameEngine2D for games using 2D graphics, Physics2D for 2D physical engine, as well as superior libraries such as the UI component library UI Toolkit.

Rather than providing only basic samples for explaining each basic API, the SDK also gives you access to samples of games and applications using 2D and 3D graphics.

For further details, see the documents included in the SDK.



"1. I read that I will be required to sign another separate contract once the Open Beta period ends. Can you go into more detail?
After the Open Beta period ends, use of the PS Suite Development Assistant will be restricted. You will then be required to pay a fee (US$99 per year) and sign a contract to validate developed content for use on actual devices (PS Certified devices and the PS Vita systems) and sell this content in the PS Store.

2. When will the Open Beta period end?
The Open Beta period will end when the Developer Program for PS Suite officially launches. The official launch is scheduled to begin later this year (2012).

3. I have already signed a license agreement for PS PS Vita/PSP™/PS3™/minis platforms. Does this cover the Developer Program for PS Suite?
A separate contract is required. For Open Beta, you will be asked to agree to a License Agreement for the SDK, as well as Terms of Use for the Developer Portal.

4.Can content developed in Open Beta be sold in the PS Store?
In order to sell developed content in the PS Store, you will be required to sign a separate contract, which includes a fee (US$99 per year). Further, you will be asked to update your SDK to the latest version.


While I don't have any PlayStations Vita's in the house, I still think this is kind of cool, that you use your uber C# ninja skills to write games for it. Also interesting was the $99 fee, so very much like the XBox360/Windows Phone 7 Developer subscription cost. Finally I also thought it a good touch that they are including GameEngine2D and Physics2D in the box...

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