Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The feeling of excitement is tangible... with the release of the tangible T4 Editor 2.0!

Tangible T4 Editor Blog - tangible T4 Editor 2.0 plus modeling tools – Released!

"We just released the second generation of our tangible T4 Editor. Version 2.0 marks a big milestone for us. We have been working on this major release almost two years. This effort was done in parallel to the many Version 1.x updates and smaller feature improvements we shipped over the period of last 3 years T4 Editor Version 1.x exists.
What is new?

tangible T4 Editor 2.0 is almost a 100% rewrite of the existing Version 1.0 product. It addresses nearly all feedback we got from you regarding feature wishes and change requests. Thank you for providing feedback in the past – we really read every piece of feedback and take action on it.
Free Edition Users will notice these improvements and changes which result from your feedback:

  • Support for VS2010 and VS11 (Beta) – Following the tradition from 1.x we will support two Visual Studio Versions in 2.x. tangible T4 2.x will be supported for VS2010 and VS11 (Beta). We have two separate installs.
  • We use the real Visual Studio Code Editor: This now honors Tab Settings, Keybindings, UTF-8 Encoding, Version Control System Integration, Fonts and Colors, VS Search Dialog, Support for VS Editor Extensions like Incremental Search and Current Line Highlighting.
  • Support for Dark Theme – Note you can customize the T4 Code Highlighting Color under Visual Studio Menu Tools->Options->Environment->Fonts & Colors ->”tangible T4 Background”. You can customize the other colors and fonts also via this Fonts & Colors dialog.
  • New Statement-Completion within T4 Code Blocks behavior that corresponds to VS 2010 Editor behavior. Also completely new Parsers that now support newer C# and VB Language features. Also changed from generating Warnings about limitations of Free Edition to show up in Completion List instead in Error Window.
  • Additional Directives to solve VS T4 Engine limitations: #includeForIntelliSenseOnly, #assemblyForIntelliSenseOnly, #newappdomain, #IntellisenseLanguage directives.
  • Remaining Incompatibility with some ASP.NET MVC Builds should be fully resolved now.
  • Additional Documentation and Training Videos which will get online in the next few days

It also adds major features to the PRO-Edition:


You can review the complete list of features and improvements of tangible T4 Editor 2.0 plus modeling tools here.

FREE Edition Licensing

You can use T4 Editor Free Edition as before. There no restrictions that prevent using it in commercial or private projects. Please read the EULA for the actual use rights.



Like I've said before, if you T4 you need an editor and this is one of the best...


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