Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Helping the effect you have in Expression by getting additional Effects...

2,000 Things You Should Know About WPF - #563 – Additional Effects in Expression SDK

In addition to the two effects that come with the .NET Framework, you can get access to a number of other effects when you download and install the Expression Blend SDK for .NET 4.

Once you install the SDK, you’ll see the new effects show up in the Effects folder of the Assets panel.

The effects include:

  • Bloom – Make bright areas appear brighter
  • Color Tone – Render a visual using shades of two colors
  • Emboss – Make visual appear raised or stamped
  • Magnify – Magnify a circular area
  • Monochrome – Render using shades of a single color
  • Pixelate – Reduce resolution, rendering as large pixels
  • Ripple – Apply visual that looks like rippling liquid
  • Sharpen – Sharpen image edges
  • Swirl – Apply effect that twists entire image



You guys know I've mentioned Sean's  2,000 Things You Should Know About WPF series last year, A Feed You Should Read #34 - 2,000 Things You Should Know About WPF, and true to his word he's still blogging about a WPF related thing almost every day.

Today's caught my eye in that I love getting more stuff free and I wouldn't have expected to get more Effects in Expression this way (though in hindsight it makes perfect sense). Plus I really appreciate that he took the time to provide an example of all the added Effects. That was a nice touch...


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