Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Excel with the Azure Data Hub

OakLeaf Systems - Using the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket (and Codename “Data Hub”) Add-In for Excel (CTP3)

The Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket and SQL Labs’ Codename “Data Hub” Preview promote Microsoft PowerPivot for Excel 2010 on each dataset’s summary page and offer a direct Export to Excel PowerPivot option on the Build Query page. PowerPivot’s business intelligence (BI) features often are overkill for simple analytical activities, such as browsing datasets, or might intimidate potential DataSet users.

imageThe Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Add-In for Excel (CTP3) provides a simple alternative to exporting data as Excel *.csv files from DataMarket or Data Hub and opening them in Excel. According to the download page’s “Overview” section:

Microsoft Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket Add-in for Excel (CTP 3) provides a simple experience allowing you to discover datasets published on the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarket or in your instance of Microsoft Codename "Data Hub" right within Excel. Users can browse and search for a rich set of datasets within a tool they already use.

With only a couple of clicks, the user can query their datasets and import the data as a table into Excel. Once in the workbook, the data can be visualized, joined with other data sources (including owned/on premise data) or exported to be used in other applications.


I liked this walk through. It was quick, easy to follow and in the end showed off why you might want to take the time to do it (Graphs! :). Since the Data Hub is target at Knowledge Users and since many Knowledge Users live in Excel talking about the two together just seems logical...


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