Thursday, May 24, 2012

MSDN gets a new look...

Third Blog From The Sun - Check out our new MSDN home page


The new MSDN home page has two value propositions:

  1. For developers who are new to Microsoft, the home page guides them to the best resources for getting started with Microsoft platforms and developer tools.
  2. For developers already using Microsoft products, the home page delivers timely and relevant developer news, events, and information from across Microsoft and the developer community.

Primary objectives of the redesign include:

  • Improve general home page usability by simplifying the content model, information architecture and visual design
  • Make the page more helpful to developers who are new to Microsoft platforms
  • Reduce volume of manually curated content to decrease cost of maintenance
  • Reduce overall Page Load Time

Nice. I like the new page.... The "above the fold" focus getting the tools/downloads/SDK's/etc is nice. It's just, bam, right there....


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