Tuesday, June 26, 2012

TFS Preview isn't just about TFS, it's about learning TFS too...

El Bruno - [#VS2012] Excellent set of training for Visual Studio 2012 and Team Foundation Server 2012


today thanks to David (compi Avanade) I gave a lap by the site Team Foundation service and I was surprised with the detail and simplicity of training materials presented there.

For example, in the section Getting Started with Visual Studio , we can see how to connect to TFS, such as upload code, create a build, etc. in a very simple manner.

In addition to the METRO style that appears up in the soup on MSDN, here we can see the contents in the format that I like to my: step by step. The contents of by now are in English, but are quite complete.


You'd think I'd have know about this. Sure, I knew about the tfspreview.com, but I didn't catch all the learning resources available there too. Not sure why, the scope of all that's available just didn't click until I saw Bruno's TOC. Got to love the internet! :)

There's a good bit of content that's a little hidden, so make sure you check all the options, dropdowns and such...




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