Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Get into sync with HTTP with the new free (reg-ware) Syncfusion Succinctly eBook, "HTTP Succinctly"

Syncfusion - HTTP Succinctly

HTTP is the foundational protocol for exchanging information across the World Wide Web. With HTTP Succinctly, you’ll learn all about something you use on a daily basis, perhaps without realizing what goes on behind the scenes. You’ll quickly learn about resources, requests and responses, safe and unsafe methods, connections, cookies, security, and so much more. Equipped with the information in this book, you’ll be able to write better web apps and services, and debug them when something goes wrong.

Table of Contents

  1. Resources
  2. Messages
  3. Connections
  4. Web Architecture
  5. State and Security



As I've said the last three times, I'm loving this series. Great content at a great price. This is a great example of building positive feelings in the community toward a company. Nice job Syncfusion.

BTW, here's the primary resource page for the Succinctly series, About the Succinctly series


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