Monday, June 25, 2012

Let the moose run free...! Mighty Moose, a Continuous Testing Tool, is now free (as in free) - Mighty Moose Free

"As some of you may know Svein (@ackenpacken) and I have decided to make Mighty Moose free. This is not a decision that is being take lightly and much thought has gone into it. This post is to explain why we went free and the future


Mighty Moose is from this point forward free. Not “free in beta” or “free with a bunch of functionality turned off” but free (license is being updated as I write this). We announced this rather quietly at NDC.

Many people have asked me “why would you go free? you could charge for what you have.”. This is true. Continuous Testing tools will be taking off and yes we could charge for it however its not quite as simple as that.



Nope, this ain't the moose that bit Svenge's sister in law while she was carving her initials in the tree with the sharpened end of an interspace toothbrush.

This is the Mighty-Moose that will keep a steady eye on all your tests. If any piece of code changes, he'll look up any affected tests and demand verification. Think of him as your personal Super Tester, your testing go-to guy, the mammal that can read The Matrix, for he is The Moose!

ContinuousTests is a continuous testing tool for the .Net and Mono platform. It helps you with the way you do TDD by taking care of all compiling and testing in the background to help you work more efficiently. It also figures out exactly which tests to run, based on the changes you just made. So, instead of running all tests, it will only run those affected by your changes.

In addition to making sure your work flow is optimized, its features include graphs visualizing the relation between a piece of code and the tests run on it, annotation inside your code showing risk you are taking changing this piece of code, and more.


Need to see more?,


Not a tool that had been on my radar, but now it sure is. I really appreciate the time Greg put into his post about their thinking about releasing this as a free product or not...

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