Thursday, June 14, 2012

Understanding the Windows 8 Metro Grid XAML Project Template (Think "I've created a Metro Grid App and now how do I get the data into it?" information)

Bruno Terkaly - Developer Evangelist - - How to provide cloud-based, JSON data to Windows 8 Metro Grid Applications – Part 2

This post will focus on the data model used by this type of application. We need to understand how data is modeled if we plan to architect a cloud-based back-end.

The next few screens will talk a lot about SampleDataGroup and SampleDataItem objects. These are the core data objects used by a Windows 8 Metro Grid Application.



I thought this an awesome introduction to the XAML Metro Grid App project template, specifically how the data works. If you've created a test app off that template but are not really sure where to start or are thinking about doing so, this is a must read article.

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