Wednesday, June 06, 2012

The Visual Studio Team talks ALL CAPS (Best news is that with RTM a customizing casing option will be officially supported)

The Visual Studio Blog - A DESIGN WITH ALL-CAPS

"Let’s talk about the all-caps menus.

When we shared the RC design preview with you, we expected the uppercase menu would generate mixed feedback and emotions. We had seen similar reactions from early adopters and from our own internal users prior to posting about it. Rest assured that we’ve heard you, and we’ve been thinking through what should be done here. Using uppercase for the menus was not an arbitrary decision, and I think it will help the discussion to frame why we made this change.

We’ve chosen to use uppercase styling in the top menu for two main reasons: 1) to keep Visual Studio consistent with the direction of other Microsoft user experiences, and 2) to provide added structure to the top menu bar area.


Based on early feedback on this application of uppercase styling, we made two modifications to our design. First, we tuned the typography of the menu to better adjust to uppercase text, including increased spacing between menu items from 14px to 20px to make menu items stand out better. Secondly, we moved Quick Launch to the title bar to make more room on the menu bar, especially for cases where a user has installed add-ins that add their own top-level menus.

As with most style changes, there has been both positive and negative feedback. We realize that some of you will continue to dislike this change, and you’ve been very direct in expressing your opinions on this subject. Our view remains that this is the right design for the Visual Studio user interface for the reasons I mentioned above. That said, we will enable you to customize the casing, and we are exploring options for how to expose that choice. We will post again once we’ve settled on a final approach to be available in RTM." [GD: Emphasis added]

I'm sure this won't end the "discussion" on this change, but I'm glad they are directly addressing it. And I'm very glad they are going to officially support options related to it. Given this post, I'd say it's pretty clear that All Caps menus will remain the default, but as long as I have an optional to change to back to Proper Case, I'm fine with it (and maybe I'll even stop whining about?!).


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