Monday, July 09, 2012

Command Prompt Padawan Learner Tips - F7 and TAB

Visual Studio Magazine - Command History in the Command Windows (and Fast File Names)

"Up until a few weeks ago, the only way I knew of to get back to an old command in the Command Prompt was to press the Up arrow and walk back through the commands. It turns out that if you press F7 in the Command Prompt, a window pops up showing all the commands you've executed, and you can cycle through them with the Up or Down arrows (you can't edit the commands, though).

Speaking of editing commands: ..."


It's funny the things people know (or don't). I was command prompting something the other day and speeding through a navigating a folder tree and the person with me asked how I was typing the names so fast... It took me aback a bit...

"Um.... What?"

"How are you typing those folder names so fast... Those ones kill me they are so long..."

"I'm TABing them..."


Yep, you'd think everyone would know about the TAB feature in the Windows Command Prompt, right? You'd think wrong...

What about F7? We all know about the command history, right? Here the up/down arrow lets us scroll through past commands. But what if you want to jump right to one that's away down the list? Or just see them easily? F7's your ticket!

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