Thursday, July 19, 2012

Finding files fast in your Solution with VSFileNav (which is now open source too!)

CodePlex - VSFileNav


A simple visual studio tool to allow rapid navigation and finding of files within a Solution via a number of search patterns.

Features & Benefits

  • Name Search - Searches based upon the name of a file by simply using mixed case search string.
  • Wildcard Search - Use standard windows wildcards : ? (any character) or * (number of any characters).
  • Camel Case Search - Use uppercase strings to do Camel case searching on file names.
  • Highlighting - Filtering as you type with match highlighting.
  • Explore To - Use Alt+E to explore to a result

The extension can be found in the Edit->Find and Replace menu. It only loads when first used so won't touch your Visual Studio performance. It may take a couple of seconds for large solutions to cache all the file information when used for the first time.




Not a code search but an extension to make finding specific files quick and easy. This is something I do and need all the time... Installed (which if you just want the vsix, you can get is via the Visual Studio Gallery here, VSFileNav)

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Jonas said...

Very nice! I try and keep my VS installation lean, and something like this is quite helpful.