Thursday, July 12, 2012

HiloJS - Hilo moves to Metro (and HTML5/JavaScript)

CodePlex - patterns practices - HiloJS: Dev a Windows Metro style app using JavaScript

Welcome to the Hilo JavaScript Community

Hilo guides you though the development of a Windows Metro style app. The Hilo sample is a photo viewing app using HTML 5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Work to date

Hilo JavaScript includes a reference implementation which is a work in progress which means we will continually improve the quality of the code and add new features each iteration. Similar to other patterns & practices projects, we are publishing our work in progress to get your feedback on the architecture, design, and code itself. We will publishes code and documentation drops approximately every 2 weeks.

The reference implementation currently demonstrates:

  • Metro style UX
  • Usage of Blend for styling and animations
  • Model-View-Presenter (MVP)
  • Unit testing JavaScript

Remember the Windows 7 C++ reference app/project Hilo? Well as you can see above, it looks like it's coming to Windows 8 Metro as a HTML5/JavaScript app. It will interesting to follow this HTML/JS/Metro version and see how it compares to the Win7 C++ version when complete...

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